How it Works


Here's how it works - when you contact me we can set up a time to meet for an in-home consultation.  We will check out the space(s) you are looking to declutter or simplify.  I will ask detailed questions so as to clearly understand what you envision for the space and create a customized plan for reorganization.  We will discuss payment and timelines.  Please keep in mind that completion of each job depends heavily on how quickly clients make decisions regarding purging and storing items.  Some people like to work quickly, and some are a little slower.  Either way is fine - just be you.

If we are a good fit for one another, then we'll get started!  We will set up your sessions based on your priorities by digging in and beginning the process of purging.  This step includes sorting through your belongings to keep, donate, or discard.  Don't worry, I can be there for every step if you want me to.  My full service packaging includes taking donations to a local thrift store after each session.

Once we get down to the kept items, we get to organize.  I love this part. I know...weird.  I am happy to include you in as much or as little of this process as you prefer.  The goal is to leave you with a space that feels functional and easy to maintain.  


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