Bethany Cluff

Professional Home Organizer

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.  Free your mind to focus on the important things by being intentional about the items you choose and place in your home.


About Me

Hi there!  I'm Bethany, pro-organizer, wife and mother, musician, lover of good jeans and chapstick.  I get energized when I see a space in need of some organizational tools.  

My experience has taught me that every family functions differently.  My own organizational tastes have changed through the years as my children have grown.  I specialize in family home organization, but have done work in moving and household setup, offices, paperwork, and household systems.  I love working with women and encouraging them to feel the difference it makes when we lighten our load by setting ourselves up for success.  I happily serve the Treasure Valley of Idaho.  



General Decluttering:

This service is for someone who's home needs decluttering, big and small.  We will develop a customized plan to tackle your major areas of concern.  This service is perfect for those that aren't sure where to begin and prefer a more tailored approach to organizing their home. 

General Decluttering includes:

  • Shopping for needed supplies

  • Designing layouts and essential organizing solutions

  • Communicating by phone or email two weeks after the session

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Taking items to local consignment

  • Hauling trash or donation items after your session

  • Driving to and from your residence or office (within 25 miles)

    • No charge for fuel expenses

    • No charge for commute time


  • Single Session (3 Hours):  $150

  • Package Discounts
    4 Sessions (10% off): $540

       8 Sessions (10% off): $1080

       12 Sessions (15% off): $1530

       16 Sessions (15% off): $2040

More sessions are available and can be discussed at your consultation. 


Specified Packages:

New Little One Nursery

We will work together to come up with essential organizing stations throughout your home to make life a little easier as you settle in with your little bundle. Additionally, every diaper, burp cloth, onesie and item you have for baby will be given a home in the new nursery.(Up to 9 hours)


Playroom Purge

All toys, board games, books and electronics will be purged and sorted. Items that are no longer usable will be discarded. We will create "zones" that will make play and clean up fun and easy!(Up to 12 hours)


Getting Started

This is a great package if you are looking to get STARTED organizing your home. Organizing is a journey and we begin by focusing on the four essential areas of the home where you tend to spend the most time and have control: the kitchen, laundry room, master closet and home office (or command center). (Up to 10 hours)


Kitchen Cabinet Organization

After some discussion, we will organize the cabinets used for non-food items  based on how you use your kitchen and how to best maximize the functionality of your cabinet space.  (Up to 6 hours)


Pantry and Fridge Cleanout

We will discard expired items and create personalized categories in both the pantry and fridge.  Essential organizing systems will be set up to make these two spaces efficient and functional.  (Up to 6 hours)


Closet Cleanout

We will determine what to keep, donate and toss item-by-item. A personalized organizing system will then be set up to maximize the use of your space and ensure your clothes are seen and worn. (Up to 9 hours)




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